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Contract Relationships

I do have contract relationships that I can offer which provides a win/win for both the clients I work with and myself.  This type of relationship allows me to offer my clients a greatly reduced rate while I can rely on a sense of steady income. (As you can imagine the life of a freelancer can be quite unsteady at times) Unfortunately I can only offer 2-3 of these types of relationships at at time due to time constraints. If you are interested we can discuss what is available and workable for both of us.

Benefits of a Contract Relationship

  • Online time tracker or itemized invoice

  • Salaryish conditions (Hour bank ; tracked overages and underages for flexible work flows, quarterly check-ins to banked hours)

  • Invoiced and paid bi-weekly

  • Payments through PayPal, or Direct Deposit

Below is a chart of the type of rates you can expect based upon hours agreed to.

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