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Inspirational Art & Design

My heart has always loved the type of art where we inspire and remind each other the beauty that surrounds us. These days I can’t think of a better reason to create than to develop pieces that help lift each other and pull out our very best selves. 

2023 Holiday Items 

This years themes are the Sparkle and Shine series.

Etsy Shops

Did you know that negative thinking is habitual? I experienced negative thoughts for years not realizing I had other options. When I learned to retrain my brain I started feeling better and life started getting better. This shop is filled with inspirations and tools to help support a mind shift and a life shift towards positivity and gratitude.


Inspired, saturated and celebrated. Design has been my has been my passion.
I hope my art and travel sentiments inspires you to smile more often.

Latest Design Project in Taylors, SC

This gigantic Peace Quilt mural is 14 feet tall and stands in the Unity Church of Greenville parking lot. Here is the winter, spring and summer quilt as well as the installation pics in Nov. 2022.



Hours- M-F 9:30-5:30

Often I am working on deadlines and or in a meeting. Emails work best for communication. I appreciate your patience!


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